Started since 2006, Originally comes from Good Young Ltd., a famous 5th generation Taiwanese Tea processing company which inherited decades of tea processing knowledge and culture.  Presotea has an excellent technological background in tea orchard management, meticulous tea selection process and professional R & D team in its process and preparation.  We combine the healthy living and modern spirit which enables us to breakthrough the  LOHAS market as the major market which is based on Cultural creative.


Presotea introduced the world's first premium tea brewing process using an espresso machine which is inspired by the Western technology and Eastern tea culture.  We strongly believe, "as Tea is the primary beverage, shouldn't it be freshly brewed?"  So we left behind the old fashioned way of tea making and serve our best tea to the customer by serving freshly brewed tea which locked the tea and fresh fruit flavors to enable you to enjoy the freshness and quality of our tea in every cup we serve.

Gastrominds Inc.

The master franchise of Presotea Philippines is a group of spirited and innovative  people composed of a wide range of age groups.    So... Its another milk tea store from Taiwan....  However, we beg to disagree,  this was the initial thinking of these group of people but after visiting the Presotea plant in Taiwan and tasting their drinks....we were amazed on how different their tea tastes,  high quality, distict flavor, fresh and brewed to order.  Hence we decided to bring the concept to the Philippines.

Presotea is not a milk tea shop.  Milk tea is just one of our products.  We are a brew-to-order tea based beverages specializing in unique flavors and cocktails that bring out the distict tea flavor in every bag of tea that we serve.




Who We Are

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